Francesca Germinario

Francesca Germinario

Francesca Germinario is an attorney at Warren Kash Warren.

Francesca represents clients in high stakes business litigation with a focus on patent, trade secret, copyright, and trademark matters.  Francesca’s practice spans technology sectors; she has secured favorable outcomes for clients at various stages of litigation regarding claims on computer vision, wireless and networking, mobile device UI, camera, aerospace, network hardware, algorithm-driven medical monitoring devices, and various software applications.

Francesca was raised between the San Francisco Bay Area and the deserts of Arizona, so naturally she studied law at Oxford, where she learned enough slang to fluently watch British T.V. shows.  When she's not six inches from her computer monitor, you can find Francesca savoring a glass of wine (preferably from Southern Rhone or Champagne), and serving as resident office DJ.  Francesca is not only prepared, but excited for the robot revolution.

Notable Representations

Represented Google against claims of patent infringement by WSOU Investments, Purdue University Research Foundation, Altpass LLC, Gesture Technology Partners, and Motion Offense, LLC. 

Represented multiple client companies concerning technical and claims analysis in anticipation of patent, trade secret, and licensing litigation. 

Represented inventors in protecting and enforcing their intellectual property bringing trade secret misappropriation and patent infringement litigation against technology companies in the Northern District of California and Eastern District of Texas.  Argued successfully at pretrial conference against exclusion of key evidence.



Education and Clerkship

University of Oxford (B.A. (Hons) Jurisprudence, 2014)

Universiteit Tilburg (LLM International Business Law, 2016)


The State Bar of California

The State Bar of New York

United States District Courts:

  • Northern District of California
  • Central District of California
  • Western District of Texas



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