Matt Warren

Matt Warren

Matt Warren is a partner at Warren Kash Warren.

He focuses on complex litigation, with a particular emphasis on matters concerning high technology.  His practice primarily includes intellectual property matters concerning patents, trade secrets, copyrights and trademarks, and antitrust matters.  He has practiced in state and federal courts in California and across the country.

Mr. Warren previously worked at some of the best large firms in the country, Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, Sullivan & Cromwell, and Davis Polk & Wardwell.  At Warren Kash Warren, Matt offers his experience and talent without the overhead and expense of a large law firm.

Matt serves on the Board of Trustees of the Aloha Foundation, which provides sleepaway and day camps and winter educational programs fostering self-awareness, teamwork, respect, and fun. He will happily explain why you should send your kids to summer camp.

Notable Representations

Represented Viasat against Acacia, regarding Acacia’s breach of contract and theft of Viasat’s trade secrets.  Acacia fought tooth and nail across state and federal courts.  After a lengthy trial in 2019, Matt and his team obtained a jury verdict of $49.3 million, in the top 20 California verdicts for the year.  In 2023, Matt and his team secured a second monumental victory:  an award of $97.6 million in favor of Viasat on summary judgment.  

Represented Google against allegations of patent infringement by Purdue University.  Matt and his team dug into the details and uncovered that the University had invalidated its own patent by publishing a research paper describing the patented invention more than one year before filing the patent application.  Purdue tried to claim that the paper was “withdrawn,” but they could not fool Warren Kash Warren.  Confronted with evidence that it had invalidated its own patent, Purdue dropped the suit with prejudice and and disclaimed the patent.

Represented HMD Global Oy against Cellular Communications Equipment LLC, a patent-holding NPE that had extracted large settlements from much of the wireless industry.  Although nearly everyone else had paid up, Matt and the Warren Kash Warren team were undeterred, and built a new theory of indefiniteness.  Matt took the deposition of plaintiff’s claim construction expert, and got him to admit that he could not define the scope of the patent.  The case settled two days later.

Represented Google against Rockstar Consortium, a giant holding company cooked up to assert Nortel’s former patents.  Although Rockstar preferred to proceed in the Eastern District of Texas, Matt and his team convinced the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit that Rockstar’s claims against Google should proceed in the Northern District of California.  The Court of Appeals decision was widely hailed as an important victory for Google and the other defendants; shortly after this ruling, Rockstar abandoned its attempts to license its patents, sold them, and disbanded.

Represented Google and Samsung against assertions by Apple of patent infringement in the Northern District of California.  Matt was responsible for four of the eight patents Apple asserted against Samsung; on those four patents, Apple recovered nothing.  Apple dropped two of these patents after unfavorable claim construction rulings, took the other two patents to trial, and lost.

Represented Google and Motorola before the Federal Trade Commission regarding its investigation into Google’s $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola, resulting in a consent decree, and receiving for this representation the Matter of the Year award from Global Competition Review.

Represented Google, Motorola, Samsung and HTC in litigation before the Eastern District of Texas regarding allegations of patent infringement by the Dalvik virtual machine.  Obtained summary judgment of non-infringement of all claims, which the Court of Appeals affirmed.

Represented a startup company regarding trademark and unfair competition claims in the Northern District of California against another company with a confusingly similar name, logo and website. The case settled when the defendant agreed to change its name, logo and website to avoid confusion with Matt’s client.

Defeated class certification in two multi-billion dollar antitrust class actions before the Northern District of California that asserted price fixing in sales of flash memory.

Represented Seiko Epson in litigation involving accused patent infringement by printers before the Eastern District of Texas.  The case settled shortly after Matt’s team filed its claim construction brief.



Education and Clerkship

Yale College (B.A., 1993)

Harvard Law School (J.D., 1998)

Law Clerk to Judge W. Arthur Garrity, United States

District Court for the District of Massachusetts, 1998-1999


The State Bar of California

The State Bar of New York

The Bar of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Supreme Court of the United States

United States Courts of Appeals

  • Ninth Circuit
  • Eleventh Circuit
  • Federal Circuit

United States District Courts

  • Northern District of California
  • Eastern District of California
  • Central District of California
  • Southern District of California
  • Southern District of New York
  • Eastern District of New York
  • Eastern District of Texas
  • Western District of Texas



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